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Invest Into Your Own Business

Garrett Gunderson is a renowned wealth and financial expert, author, and speaker. Two of his very popular books are, Killing Sacred Cows and What Would the Rockefellers Do? I highly recommend them for anyone looking to learn about the mentalities that most of society has, as well as the wealth building strategies Garrett teaches.

In his book, Killing Sacred Cows, Garrett says, “If only a minority of people are wealthy, why do we follow what the majority of people do financially?”

He also says, “The best investment is into your own business.”

What this means is that to build a business, to build a legacy business, you must have the mentality of an entrepreneur investor – or wealthy mindset. You must invest into your own business. To go even further, you must invest into YOURSELF. Because aren’t you your own business? Aren’t you the CEO of your life?

You see, there are two mindsets people can work with – the employee mindset and the wealthy mindset.

Considering that if you’re reading this you probably already have the mindset of the wealthy – meaning you already are an entrepreneur, investor, or business owner. Or, you would like to have this type of mindset – meaning you would like to change your mentality and become an entrepreneur, investor, or business owner.

Most people live in an employee mindset. It’s how the systems in school, government, and society have brainwashed us to become – to be an employee in the rat race. You know, work 40 hours a week, for 40 years, and hopefully retire and live off 40% of your income. We call this the 40-40-40 Plan.

So, where are you today? Seriously. Are you still thinking like an employee – trading your time for dollars? Or, are you on the path of the wealthy mindset – investing in yourself and your business to have money work for you and build long-term wealth?


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March 30, 2020